My services have been developed with vision, skills and creativity to help clients move forward. They are centered around the critical components that will make you and your organisation more successful. Namely, What you are trying to achieve, Who you are engaging with and when, and How you are going to achieve it. To help my clients improve performance, increase revenue and deliver even better outcomes, I first focus on these 3 areas:

Strategy Consulting

Guidance on setting the right future for your organisation:

  • Strategy (vision, missions, objectives, strategies and tactics)
  • Governance model (articles of incorporation, statutes, bylaws and internal rules)
  • Business model (value proposition, customers, partners, resources, activities and channels)

Operations Management

Direct guidance and assistance to enhance your capability through improving operational performance, increasing sales and delivering a better experience to your stakeholders:

  • Gaining new customers/sponsors/members and converting them into long lasting and profitable relationships
  • Growing your revenue from existing customers/sponsors/members (share of wallet)
  • Fundraising propositions (sponsorship, exhibition, grants) and contact plans
  • Marketing support (voice of the customer research, competitive analysis, positioning, market strategy and metrics)
  • Stakeholder experience and journey design
  • Project management (efficient and sustainable resource allocation, staff audit, work breakdown structures and KPIs)

Coaching and Training

  • Acting as a sounding board and mentor
  • Increasing the engagement and effectiveness of volunteers
  • Reducing obstructive behaviour, conflict and stress in non-profit boards and teams
  • Experienced speaker and trainer on Strategic Account Management, Healthcare Codes and Ethics (eg EFPIA, MedTech Europe, and HCP/HCO interactions with industry), and GDPR
  • Lead trainer in Europe for MPI’s HMCC (Healthcare Meetings Compliance Certificate)