Typical assignments

Everyone’s service needs are different. Whatever your requirement looks like, let’s make it amazing together. Naturally, your needs and requirements will be unique to you; the way and the execution of our assignment will reflect that.

  • Strategic retreat with Board (full-day/multi-day)
  • One-on-one coaching (half-day/full-day)
  • Staff training (webinar, in-person)
  • Project-specific assignments (e.g. organisational assessment, review and drafting of statutes, business development plans and proposal writing)
  • New customer/sponsor/member acquisition 
  • Board meeting facilitation
  • Conference speaker and moderator

Assignment steps

I am here to make every part of your assignment amazing. Every step in the end-to-end journey is considered in every detail and uses the tried-and-tested approach below. My experience and that of others has shown that doing so provides clarity, simplicity and transparency to the assignment process.

Initial request and proposal
Discussion with client lead

Agreement on scope of work, timeline and fee structure

Preparation and research

Execution of the assignment

Wrap-up and feedback meeting