About D4MGT

Simon Dufaur – the founder of D4 Management and expert in the Non-Profit sector.

I work with prominent non-profit and corporate organisations to help them secure their desired futures, often in highly complex multinational / multicultural environments.

I’m recognised for my capacity to gain and maintain high levels of client trust at board level. This has enabled me to achieve excellent results, measured in terms of year-on-year key account value organic growth, new client acquisition value and client-approval ratings.

My activities typically involve:

  • Advising clients at C-Suite, board and governance level.
  • Finding innovative solutions to overcome challenging forces.
  • Steering, guiding and facilitating teams within client organisations.
  • Leading delivery of strategic, operational, governance & market results.
  • Internally, developing and meeting sales, growth and financial targets.

I’ve acquired experience at international level (80+ countries) in many sectors, including healthcare; medical sciences; pharmaceuticals; MedTech; energy; ICT; media and travel.

My areas of specialty include business and growth strategy; regulatory compliance; stakeholder management; general management; operations execution and market engagement.

I relish challenging roles in organisations where the impact of my contribution lasts long beyond the end of the assignment.